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How To Get Nationwide Help Unloading your Moving Truck Even If You Packed It Yourself..

In response to Bob Stewart's Challenge, Never Answer The Same Question Twice,  we immediately thought of one of our newest prospects. The email is below.

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Can you recommend movers to help us unload trucks? After driving 5 hours with 2 kids 2 dogs and all. I would love for someone else to move the furniture and boxes in for us.

Well now this was quite a challenge for Karen because this was the first time someone had ever asked her if she could recommend someone to help unload a truck.

Have no fear, Karen jumped right on it.... Google to the rescue...Where would we be without Google.

Goggled --> help unpack truck

This was what the google search came up with

Moving Help-Labor-Helpers: Movers load-unload your truck

  • Need help? Find moving helpers in your area! Services include... Loading Unloading Packing Unpacking Driving your rental truck ...


     Step 1: Select your city

    For your convenience, we have listed direct links to major cities across the U.S. However, service areas aren't restricted to these cities only. Moving help and labor is also available in other cities as well!

    Step 2: Select the service(s) you need

    Whether you need loading-unloading of your rental truck...packing-unpacking services...or move-out cleaning, Network Members are available to assist you during your move!

    Step 3: View Network Members

    You are given a list of Network Members that service your selected area. However, this is not just a list of names and phone numbers. Information is available for each listed Network Member: rates, labor available, well as contact information. Based on the information, contact only the Network Members who interest you...saving you time!

    Step 4: Get your moving help

    After contacting prospective moving helpers, decide who is best in meeting your specific moving needs. You now have the help needed to give your move a professional feel...without the professional cost!



    Rental Truck Loading and Unloading
    Do-It-Yourself-Moving Help


    Driving your rental truck

    Professional moving helpers for the main aspects of your move...this makes your move easier! LOAD-UNLOAD YOUR...

    ABF U-Pack trailer
    Movex trailer
    PODS container
    Door-to-Door container
    Or other mode of transportion YOU STAY IN CONTROL...

    No relying on friends and family to help you move

    Make an informed choice in your selection of movers

    Decide how much help you need

    SAVINGS...control the cost

    Need help moving ... professionally?

    Movers load-unload your rental truck

    For the do-it-yourself mover who needs labor only. Whether you rent a Uhaul, Penske, Ryder, Enterprise, or Budget, you can enjoy a professional move without the price ... and the strain! Your Network Member will meet you and load and/or unload your truck! This service is also available for ABF U-Pack and Movex trailers ... Door-To-Door and PODS storage crates/containers. Most Network Members also offer packing, unpacking, and driving to make your move even easier!

    Local or long-distance

    Moving in-town, or just a few miles away? Find moving labor in your area to do the loading and unloading for the entire move. Relocating out-of-town or out-of-state? Find experienced labor in your current area to help load ... then find helpers in the area you're relocating to, and have them unload. You have an extra hand no matter where you go!

    Stay in control of your belongings

    By renting and driving your own truck, you constantly have control of your things from origin to destination. Simply employ a Network Member to load and/or unload your rented truck. Everything revolves around your schedule ... not around the mover's schedule!

    No relying on friends or family

    Isn't it funny...friends and family always seem to have something to do on the date of your move. That's OK. You can find experienced labor to give you a professional hand to help move your furniture and other belongings!

    Services available across the U.S.

    AL - AR - AZ - CA - CO - CT - DC - DE - FL - GA - IA - ID - IL - IN - KS - KY - LA
    MA - MD - ME - MI - MN - MO - MS - MT - NC - ND - NE - NH - NJ - NM - NV - NY
    OH - OK - OR - PA - RI - SC - SD - TN - TX - UT - VA - VT - WA - WI - WV - WY

    Renting a truck will only cover half the need of the do-it-yourself mover. Make your move less straining with professional helpers-labor to do the loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, and/or driving!

    Need help? You don't have to do all the work yourself...
    Professional moving labor is as close as your keyboard!


    ©2005-2010 Nationwide Moving Labor Network




    If you are considering retirement, relocation or a vacation home, give us a call, we are happy to assist you.


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