Sunset Beach, NC and Beyond: December 2010

It Doesn't Matter if Buyers are Liars or Not ~ You Still Didn't Listen ~

Okay so maybe we do lie, so what, it's human nature ~ we really can't help it ~ but you still didn't listen


Genuine listening is rare. We listen to ---- get to the end of a sentence ---- to make a point..

We listen --- to find an opening --- so we can jump in...

To be a great listener you need to simply listen. Be interested, be curious, get to know the person, and listen to learn!! Be sincere when you listen -- just simply listen.. and be respectful.

The ultimate benefit of genuine listening is you show the person you are listening to that they are important to you and you value the relationship.

Most of the time what looks like listening in the world is not genuine listening. Your focus is not on what the person is saying, but on what you are going to say back - which generally means that you're not really hearing what the person is saying. Your mind is running, until the light turns green and your off to say something because it's your turn to respond.

How about when you listen, put your mouth in Neutral or even better, put it in PARK, shut off your mouth and just LISTEN...

One of the powerful things about listening is that it is often the only way to really get to the heart of the matter. Sometimes people don't get to their real thoughts and concerns right away. Listening is what allows a conversation to blossom into a genuine dialogue. Set aside your own concerns and just listen ~



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